Our company, which was established in 2008, is the first and only company that provides the necessary products and information together within the scope of Food Analysis, Food Hygiene and Food Safety.

In our 1500 m2 facility, most of the products in our portfolio are produced by us and new products are developed in our R&D laboratory. Some of our products are OEM or import from abroad countries. Our company targets the food industry produce more hygienic and safety foods with the products that we produce, develop or import.

Our product groups include ready to use medias, powder medias, hygiene control kits, microbiological test devices, water microbiology products and laboratory consumables in microbiological analysis products section. In the food hygiene and safety section, there are products such as natural food preservatives and disinfectants obtained from herbal extracts, air sterilization devices, air microbiological test device, special mats.

From production to R&D and marketing-sales, our company employs scientists who are experts in their fields,. The main reason for this is our trade mentality based on technical knowledge, to be a good sample to the companies that we work in the same field and to represent our country in the best way with our own products in the abroad.

To provide the necessary products and informations together within the scope of Food Hygiene and Food Safety for our customers laboratory and production.

Idealist Diatek employees who have adopted as a principle of piority human health, food hygiene, food safety, protection the environment and sharing informations to other people.